• Is Rugby’s Breakdown Broken: Part 2

    Welcome back to the second part of an ongoing series asking whether the breakdown is broken. If you missed article one you can catch up here. Fair warning this is a long one as I’ve combined part 2 and 3. I’ve only a

    26th March 2018 • Opinion • Views: 894

  • Do New Zealand Really Lack Depth At Flyhalf?

    New Zealand are famous for their strength in depth. From 1 to 15 they’ve got 2nd and 3rd string players doing things that most countries can only dream of from their first pick. A cursory glance at the centres and wings reveals

    23rd March 2018 • Opinion, Uncategorized • Views: 889

  • Is The Rugby Breakdown Broken?

    The breakdown is a massive and complex part of rugby union that allows it to stand apart from other sports. It is important that we make it work. But also, in a very real sense, it’s a hot mess and I want to poke it with a

    3rd March 2018 • Opinion • Views: 1543

  • Kicking Statistics – The Battle For Top Spot

    The Six Nations is here and as a result, discussion and analysis turn to the ”what if” and the ”could have been” moments. Never is this truer than when kicking a potentially game-changing penalty. When a

    4th February 2018 • Analysis • Views: 2935

  • The Game Has Gone Soft!

    What’s the end result of the phrase ‘’Game’s gone soft ’’? The recent return of Tuilagi has brought about a surprising level of physicality the likes we’ve never seen before. Oh wait, that’s not true, many players

    20th December 2017 • Opinion • Views: 1353

  • A New Day or a False Dawn?

    Unfortunately, due to work and other commitments, I haven’t been able to do in depth analysis for the Lions’ matches against the Crusaders and Highlanders and a full preview of the Maori All Blacks is highly unlikely too…

    16th June 2017 • Lions Tour • Views: 824

  • Exeter Chiefs: A Journey That’s Only Just Begun

    Exeter Chiefs are the Champions of England   It’s a sentence that nobody pre-2015 expected to be written and yet Tony Rowe (Exeter’s Chairman) has been planning for this moment for at least 10 years. In 2009 he saw an

    9th June 2017 • Uncategorized • Views: 963

  • Forget Lions, Now’s the Time for Fire-Breathing Dragons

    Forget Lions, Now’s the Time for Firebreathing Dragons   “Shane’s going to come out and hit Floyd in the mouth and Floyd is going to sprout a tail, grow wings, draw fangs and claws and turn into a dragon in the ring,

    9th June 2017 • Lions Tour • Views: 1226

  • The End of the Beginning… or the Beginning of the End?

      With ten minutes to go and a one point advantage, the Lions did well to hold up a Blues ball carry at midfield, before forcing the maul to the ground to win the put in for the ensuing scrum, and then it happened: led by

    8th June 2017 • Lions Tour • Views: 1146

  • Giving the Lions Holiday Blues

    Traditionally a rugby powerhouse, the Auckland side have suffered for a long time – initially from fly-half deficiencies that gradually spread to a general malaise – but they might have reached a turning point at last. They

    6th June 2017 • Uncategorized • Views: 1108