• Is Rugby’s Breakdown Broken: Part 2

    Welcome back to the second part of an ongoing series asking whether the breakdown is broken. If you missed article one you can catch up here. Fair warning this is a long one as I’ve combined part 2 and 3. I’ve only a

    26th March 2018 • Opinion • Views: 1799

  • Is The Rugby Breakdown Broken?

    The breakdown is a massive and complex part of rugby union that allows it to stand apart from other sports. It is important that we make it work. But also, in a very real sense, it’s a hot mess and I want to poke it with a

    3rd March 2018 • Opinion • Views: 2624

  • What the Ruck? A look at the new ruck laws

    World Rugby has announced new laws which will come into effect for the Northern Hemisphere on August 1st 2017. These new laws make major changes around the breakdown, mostly it seems in an attempt to get cleaner ball in attack.

    23rd July 2017 • Analysis • Views: 16495

  • Ireland vs. Wales: Justin Tipuric Analysis

    Wales won what was a battle of breakdown wit, leaving not much room for flair. Key to Wales’ dominance was the presence of Justin Tipuric. Seemingly all over the pitch, he was constantly creating opportunities, and it was

    31st August 2015 • Analysis, International, World Cup 2015 • Views: 3980