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  • Is The Rugby Breakdown Broken?

    The breakdown is a massive and complex part of rugby union that allows it to stand apart from other sports. It is important that we make it work. But also, in a very real sense, it’s a hot mess and I want to poke it with a

    3rd March 2018 • Opinion • Views: 1543

  • The Game Has Gone Soft!

    What’s the end result of the phrase ‘’Game’s gone soft ’’? The recent return of Tuilagi has brought about a surprising level of physicality the likes we’ve never seen before. Oh wait, that’s not true, many players

    20th December 2017 • Opinion • Views: 1353

  • Exeter Chiefs: A Journey That’s Only Just Begun

    Exeter Chiefs are the Champions of England   It’s a sentence that nobody pre-2015 expected to be written and yet Tony Rowe (Exeter’s Chairman) has been planning for this moment for at least 10 years. In 2009 he saw an

    9th June 2017 • Uncategorized • Views: 963

  • How Coaches Will Respond To No Rucks

    England-Italy 2017 – Tackle Only This weekend saw Italy employ unusual tactics relatively successfully. Everyone expected a whitewash for England. These games often go the same way, two or three scores difference at

    27th February 2017 • 6 Nations, Analysis, International • Views: 1717

  • Dan Robson and the England Scrum-half Dilemma

    January 2016 will be etched in the mind of both Joe Simpson and Dan Robson for the upcoming season. Joe Simpson had been the first choice scrumhalf at Wasps until he suffered an ankle injury during Wasps’ European win over

    29th July 2016 • International • Views: 3459