About Us

Adam –  A Bath fan and an Englishman lost in Glasgow who is forever struggling to find the way out. He’s now Agen’s biggest overseas fan and dreams of double nave cathedral’s and the fine arts of South Western France.

Alex – He is editor in cheif and might correct this part of the website one day. If they’re is a spelling or grammur mistake, its 100% his fault.

Barbz – The angry but witty Aussie drops the occasional full hi-tech game analysis. For some inexplicable reason, his lifestyle seems to be shifted by half a day. We’re still investigating this but in the meantime, his past works are in the archives.

Sav – President of the Henry Slade fan club, his Exeter goggles are so strong that he thinks grabbing people’s balls is a formal greeting (and coincidentally is the reason we all work remotely). He plays 10, just like his idol.

CC –  The banter merchant himself. He waits silently in the dark for hours before delivering the inevitable killer line. This usually happens around the moment we had all forgotten he was there.

Ed/WallopyJoe – What’s the best way to get his opinion? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you. The former U13 hooker is past his playing glory and has become England’s most passionate fan. Not the fan England deserve but the fan England need. Also likes boats, boating and things related to boats, a lot.

Fred – This guy is the wild card, the one you play when you can’t find the real deal. A French man with a London accent who supports Pro D2 side Biarritz. You never know if you’ll get a lecture on red wine and food or have to sit through his lamentations about Trinh-Duc getting dropped. 7/10 would recommend to a friend.

Harbl – This BOD impersonator is known as the most South Dublin man to have ever been born. Usually found drunk or hungover, but if you find him sober, he’ll probably still be talking about Madigan.

Foveaux – Just showed up and started talking in a weird accent nobody can place. Has a picture of Fekitoa hung on his bedroom wall.

Rich – Cranks out article after article of analysis. The epitome of investigatory journalism he won’t let the little things go.

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