Run The Tapes Episode 4: The French Fight For One Day More

Published on: 10th June 2020

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French rugby often seems hard to decipher. In this short video essay I put forward the case for why there’s a really good framework in place for French rugby to build on.

Using their young talent as a benchmark after the World Cup will be vital in continuing along France’s road to success.

The hiccup that France have suffered since making this video is a falling out with Ramos the top points scorer in the TOP 14 18/19 season. He came home early from the 2019 RWC with the official explanation being an injury. He did however play for his club side Toulouse after arriving home which does lead some unanswered questions.

Considering the importance placed upon him in this video I personally hope that he returns to the international stage. Although France have great depth at fullback, it is very hard to recreate the connections that are on display above. Especially seeing the confidence displayed while playing with this cohort. It would seem foolhardy to leave such a talent out in the cold without a very good reason.

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